Ready to research online criminal justice programs?

You've found a guide that cuts through the hype surrounding online degrees in criminal justice. We’ve put in the hours to compile and organize information on degrees at every level and in every specialized area of criminal justice, bringing it together in one place to make it easy for you to find exactly what you need to understand the requirements of different roles and agencies that comprise the criminal justice system. Below is our newest addition: a 8,000+ word guide to careers available in federal law enforcement, with information on requirements, salaries, and more. Enjoy!

Why Should You Earn an Online Criminal Justice Degree?

Convenience, scheduling, cost—there are plenty of reasons to opt for an online criminal justice program. You might be thinking about a life in law enforcement and what it might be like to work as a police officer, detective or crime scene investigator; or maybe your past the point of thinking about it and actually researching roles in homeland security or some other federal agency. Maybe you’re interested in a non-commissioned role in the criminal justice system as a paralegal, and have big plans to get yourself through law school eventually. Each job will have its own specific requirements. For example, the FBI may care more about your military experience than about your criminal justice degree. Be sure to check with your employer before choosing your individual criminal justice program.

What's in Our Criminal Justice Program Directory

We've made it easy to find the right criminal justice degree for you with a simple directory divided into two parts: programs by degree level and programs by specialty. On each criminal justice degree level page, (certificate, associates, bachelors, masters, and doctorate) you’ll find a breakdown of: requirements and fees; typical curricula; schools offering online degrees in criminal justice; and career paths. If you're focusing on one field, check out our specialty pages!